Projects in Action

keep calm and volunteer

As women of the Junior League of Daytona Beach, we are strong, independent, compassionate, and brave.  We choose to utilize our unique traits and talents to make a difference in our own backyard. We are on the forefront of topics that are not often openly talked about.  We are not afraid to stand up and speak out, but to take action on what is currently affecting our community.

This 2014/2015 year JLDB has added three new community projects, driven by passion, to help women and children.  JLDB Against Human Trafficking committee has been called to action by providing education and training to the local public to create awareness of an unthinkable crime happening internationally and, yes, in our community.  Along with information, we are taking action assembling backpacks with necessities for distribution through the Daytona Beach Police Department for those affected by this crime.  This is an ongoing project that requires a growing awareness.

Our community has reached out to JLDB and requested a necessity that is not covered by the Food Stamp program or WIC, diapers.  Many infants and toddlers spend the day in single diaper, unfathomable for many, but it happens daily.  The JLDB Diaper Bank has collected approximately 30,000 diapers for distribution to families in need in our community.  These families are referred by Community Partners like Early Learning Coalition, Healthy Start, Healthy Families, and Early Steps.  The reactions of the families who receive a single donation of 30 diapers per visit is heartwarming.

We want families to know we are here for them. We have chosen to follow up with Community Baby Shower attendees and other referred families in need, by throwing a Community Birthday Party.  This party allows toddlers ages 1-3 to be showered with books and gifts, at the same time providing their parents with education on oral care and literacy.  It includes an open forum for questions and resources for guidance beyond the event.

So many women have joined in our mission to BUILD A BETTER COMMUNITY!  What have you done in your community? What can you do?  Basically talk about it! BE BRAVE! Say it out loud! Share your experience.  Lend a hand.  We drive by someone in need daily.  Are you willing to stop and Help? Join us, Tell a friend.  As we grow we directly touch the lives of our neighbors. You too can change a life.

Kat Stanley

Community VP 2014/2015