Membership and Makeup

Makeup can be so confusing! Hopefully I can simplify everything with this blog!! The JLDB breaks our membership down in two ways:

1. “Placement Teams” are led by “Team Advisors”. The purpose of this breakdown is to provide a smaller organization for JL members to be able to communicate with on a regular basis. Team Advisors email their teams to keep ladies informed, set up fun events and in general serve as a “go to” person for their team.  It would be difficult to email over 100 ladies when there is a question so smaller teams make ongoing communication a lot easier! Additionally, teams usually have fun social events outside of regular“JL” events which helps to build relationships within the league.

2. The members of the JLDB also select a “PLACEMENT” each year. TRANSLATION for PLACEMENT = This is how a member voices how they want to spend their time and talent for the league year! In April of each year members are asked to complete a “Willingness to Serve Form”.  The member indicates what they want to do the next league year for their “placement”.  For example, the member would like to devote their energy to the Sweetheart Ball or the Diaper Bank, New Member Committee Etc.  Members are asked if they would be willing to become leaders – will you be willing to chair or co-chair a committee. Will you be willing to be dually placed (do you have time for more than one focus?). The answers a member places on this form is how the entire Organizational Chart is completed. The JLDB “places” members based on their request of how they want to serve our community. Please begin thinking about what you want to do for our league next year. Look at our Organizational Chart and see where you would like to be. Remember we need leaders. You can do it and if you think you need training to be a leader – we can help! In order to complete your “placement” you need to attend the meetings orother events associated with that placement. For example, if you are placed on Best Foot Forward, plan to attend some meetings in the summer. And you will need to be at the event. The placement is not just“showing up” for the event itself.

To summarize, every League member belongs both on a “placement team” and on a committee on our organizational chart depending on what you select on your “Willingness to Serve form”. The choices to serve are in the areas of Membership, Community, Communications, Finance, or Fund Development. In order to become a Board Member it is required that candidates have served as a Chair Person first. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions about placement!! Thanks for all you do!!

-Tammy Shoemaker